a rough one, something to take from


Happy 4th everyone!

My 4th of July 10k wasn’t so happy.  Not sure if it was something I ate at a cookout I attended yesterday (took the day off from running), but woke up this morning with an upset stomach.  Felt a little better by the race start time of 9 am, but starting feeling weak and fatigued by the first mile, wanted to drop out but stayed in.  Didn’t get better the rest of the way, felt terrible, the sun was beating down, and at every mile, felt like dropping out.  

But hung in and stayed in, and thank goodness for the 5k relay runners.  Normally I ignore the 5k relayers, but this year they were essential in my finishing the race.  I desperately hung onto one young relay runner from the mid point on to get me through to the finish.  Was passed by a couple of runners in the final ½ mile, and almost passed out at the finish, dehydrated.

Ended up in the top 10, still, in 36:35 – my slowest finish by far in this annual race.  Yeah, it was a miserable experience…but ended up being an encouraging one.  I didn’t drop out on a very tough day and was another ‘character builder’ after all these years.  This running thing never gets ‘old.’


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