12 mile recovery/distance run to the park and back on a hot sunny day, the longest run and maybe the hottest day since the marathon.  It didn’t feel good, hard to relax and coast during any part of the run, but it was great to get out for some double digit miles.

The legs were still feeling it from last evening’s 5k, a ‘fun’ run to get the legs moving a little and to test out the fitness.  It was a hot evening, still in the 80’s and sunny, didn’t get the legs loosened up at all before the race.  Ran the race conservatively, deciding to start far off the lead pack.  Ended up running 17:19, playing catch up the entire race.  I think if I took the race more seriously, would have started faster and finished faster.  Still, somehow snuck into 10th place in this competitive local race.  It was hot during the race and a few runners around me dropped out.

A great post-race party with club members and other friends.  Overall, feel good about the run and my current fitness, looking forward to a 10k on the 4th.

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