got some more time


4 miles around the neighborhood just to loosen up the legs a little for tomorrow evening’s 5k.  Warm and humid.  Looking forward to it, will be fun, and great to see some runners I haven’t seen since the marathon.  The Niagara International Marathon folks got back to me and let me know I don’t have to make up my mind on which race to run until October, a bit of a reprieve.  Still not 100% certain on running the full marathon, the training and schedule this summer and fall will help determine it.


2 thoughts on “got some more time

  1. Hopewell

    Perfect timing! I’m running (walk-jogging) my first 5K in 3 years tomorrow, and I was wondering “hmm, what should I do today to prep for it?” I had a big run on Tuesday, but didn’t get out yesterday as planned – and don’t really want to run today so I have energy for tomorrow. A nice walk to loosen up the legs tomorrow! Fantastic!! Wish me luck 🙂


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