The 3rd day of active rest, walked a couple of more miles around the neighborhood, did some stretches.  Much of the pain and soreness have subsided, but I know there’s still much muscle and tissue damage that are in the process of healing.  Not in any hurry to lace up the running shoes.  Planning on not running at least until Sunday.

Started to reflect more on the marathon and leading up to it.  Overall, the training plan worked out and look to utilize a similar program for the next marathon, most likely next year’s Boston Marathon.  Not planning to do another one this year.  With all the mileage base from this winter/spring, feel good about road races this summer and fall.

Plan on doing better on choosing running shoes while training for Boston, as I think this area contributed to developing the plantar fasciitis.  All the mileage involved made any minor shoe problems into major ones.  Thankful that the feet held together during the race, as that was one of the wildcards going in (though I think they contributed to the hamstrings knotting up).

And will be taking more time off from work before Boston than was able to last week.  Wasn’t worth taking a vacation this time around.

Buffalo was a great ‘dry run’ for the major one next April.  Not having run a marathon in several years, was good to get the ‘mistakes’ out of the way during this one.


2 thoughts on “reflections

  1. runningintshirt Post author

    I’ve had success with Saucony’s (models with moderate support, like the Lancer) the last couple of years, but tried a couple of new brands w/ similar lasts (good deals at the time). Trying new brands have worked in the past, but the high mileage marathon training highlighted even the seemingly minor differences between shoes, and the feet noticed after a while. Glad to learn this lesson now rather than for Boston. It’ll be exclusively Saucony’s or Brooks or NB’s (have been good too) for here on. Years ago, I used to be strictly Asics, but have found that their quality and durability had become poor and so gave them up.


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