savoring the weekend


Enjoying the day off, and mostly resting and eating.  Will rest up until I feel ready to run again.  So much time on my hands.  The body hurt more last night, and the feet and the plantar fascia, after hanging in there the last couple of weeks, let me know overnight that they let me run a marathon.  And I’m thankful.

What made this marathon the most rewarding and memorable was my son participating in the weekend with me for the first time.  He and his high school cross country team, graduating next month, came in 7th overall out of several dozen marathon relay teams; and if there were age group awards, I’m sure they would have won that, as they were the youngest team in the field.  So very proud of him and his friends, not only for performing so well, but more so for training and preparing for the event so diligently over the past months.  

What a great weekend, will have many great memories!


3 thoughts on “savoring the weekend

  1. wanderwolf

    Congrats on a great race to you and your son (and his mates). Second masters is impressive! And it was a hot day. I can imagine today and yesterday are/were painful, but it will get better slowly and surely. You deserve the rest!!


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