running shades

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


An easy 8 miler this afternoon in the park on a portion of the marathon course.  Ran with sunglasses even though it was cloudy.  Testing out the sunglasses and trying to decide whether to wear them.  I’ve worn them in marathons before and they’ve been helpful on sunny days, but sometimes they feel like they hamper my running motion a bit.  The long range forecast has marathon morning being cloudy with a chance of showers, in which case, I’ll probably ditch the sunglasses.


2 thoughts on “running shades

  1. runningintshirt Post author

    Ha ha, I know, that’s the big question, to shade or not to shade 🙂 Ordinarily the gear wouldn’t matter to me in a race, but the 26 miles of a marathon tend to exacerbate what would normally be a minor annoyance in a shorter race. One of the ‘fun’ aspects of that race 🙂


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