an eventful morning

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Got done with this interesting 10k down literally Buffalo’s Main Street this morning.  The weather was wild, with swirling 20+ mph winds, temps in the 30’s and even some snow flakes at times.  The race organizers seemed to be thrown by the weather conditions, as the race registration was a little chaotic, the run started 20 minutes late in the cold, and the post race ‘party’ was kinda short.  These might be minor issues; but the race was twice the cost of an average 5k race so was expecting a little more.  And there were only a couple hundred runners who braved the weather.  

Having said all that, just to be able to race down this often ignored street all the way to the waterfront and to get a good prep race in for the marathon was worth it.  And to share the experience with my son, of course, was priceless.  His winning his age group in 46 minutes and change in rough conditions was great to witness.  I won overall in 36 minutes and change, but it was the steady pacing in tough conditions that I think will pay off in 2 weeks.  It’s just great to run in these road races with my son.


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