an early rehearsal

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Ended up with 14 miles total on a warm humid afternoon.  The legs were still a too sore to do a really hard workout, so instead did an early dress rehearsal for the marathon, going over a hilly ¾ mile stretch in the park that is at about the 18 mile point in the Buffalo Marathon.  This is the portion of the park where I do about 90% of my runs and could describe it with my eyes closed; but it’s been a rough spot for me in nearly all the marathons run here.  It’s at a point in the race when I’m getting tired and the hill feels much bigger.  Adding to that, ironically, is a lack of a cheering section in the park; most of the people in the park seem oblivious to the marathon, and this knocks the wind out of the sail during this stretch.

So ran this stretch 4 times today, picked up the pace a bit at sub 7 minute miles, and visualized this part of the marathon, picturing myself staying focused throughout.  It felt like the right workout for today and should help during the race in a few weeks.


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