this grueling weekend begins the taper

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Finished off the Mother’s Day weekend double this morning with a 4 miler in 23:15 and 2nd place after yesterday’s 1:17 half marathon.  Not a 4 mile PR, but a good painful one, the muscles were sore and tender from yesterday, and had a hard time loosening up the right foot.  But mostly met the goal of today’s run which was to stay as relaxed as possible while in pain, kinda like in a marathon.  A small race, the winner was a very capable runner who lead the entire way, finishing in 22:55.  Went thru the mile in 5:30, kept up with him until about a mile to go, where I had to drop back.  A solid weekend of speed and endurance (10 miles for today, including warm up and cool down; 17 miles yesterday including warm up and cool down).

The marathon is 3 weeks away, the weekly mileage starts winding down this week.


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