a good day for the park boys

IMG_20160507_112001933grand island half flying bison pic

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Got a good number of hours of sleep overnite, but did not feel rested all, heartrate up.  Still hadn’t recovered from this past week’s training and work.  But it was a beautiful sunny spring morning, and was going to be fun running with my son, he the 10k and I in the half marathon.  We separated at the start to go our separate courses.

The legs – in the fact the entire body – felt heavy from the start, and I ended up latching onto a runner from the 2nd mile on.  I hung onto Mike, a runner I know, for dear life the next 6 miles just trying to find some rhythm and relax.  He got me through the halfway mark, and I managed to pick up the pace a bit, still feeling tired. At this point I got myself up to 2nd place overall and Mike right behind me.   And the healing plantar fascia, while not painful, still made itself known after the halfway mark.  Managed to hold on the rest of the way, with a runner passing me with a half mile to go.  Finished 3rd overall, a masters win, in 1:17:33.  

Gutted through this one.  While painful, was a great training run for the marathon, the last 6 miles or so definitely simulated the latter miles of a marathon.  While not 100%, the right foot held together.  So overall a good encouraging day (and won a nice beer growler from a local brewery:)  Now going to crash for a few hours, and extend this pain with tomorrow morning’s Mother’s Day 4 miler…

Last but not least, my son, Adam, won his under 20 age group in the 10K!  And won a beer glass that, unfortunately, he’ll have a wait a few years to utilize properly.  

A great day for the Park boys!


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