a tired 14, and an upcoming ‘marathon’ weekend

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


One more 14 mile day this week, on another beautiful spring day, on trails and the golf course again to continue to give the joints and the recovering injuries soft landing.  Felt great yesterday but no so much today.  Sometime you can’t tell from day to day, but mostly the hectic week at work affected me today.  Started off really tired, but an easy steady pace and the ‘distraction’ of the park’s blooming trees and flowers got me through.  Now onto a nice meal and some good sleep.

Don’t know what to expect at Saturday’s half marathon, but should be a good ‘progress report’ for my fitness and how the healing right foot is coming along.  Not shooting for a specific time, but rather a good strong run.  Then for Sunday’s 4 mile race, will play it by ear.  It’s called the Elephant Run, always on Mother’s Day and organized by some friends of mine.  Usually on different weekends, this year both happen to be on the same weekend.  Loyal to both races (the Half is my club’s race), will run both – talk about a marathon weekend!


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