got me some chocolate

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Got this solid chocolate shoe for winning the age group at this morning’s 5k.  I’m glad I ran it, decided at the last minute.  Wasn’t sure how my foot would feel, running fast for the first time in a while, and breaking in new racing flats.  It was mostly used as a pacing exercise, a speed workout, went out conservatively, though the fast first mile of the route was hit in 5:25, and passed people along the way, finished in a pleasantly surprising 17:29, 5th overall.  

7 miles at the race including warm up and cool down, the foot was sore afterwards; then the usual Sunday 8 miler with my son later and now the foot is very sore – but not in pain – as if I’ve been walking all day on wooden shoes.  Time to ice.

Very encouraging after the past couple of weeks of some running adversity.  Most importantly had fun and won some chocolate.


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