sweet pain

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Felt better than during yesterday’s 12 miles while embarking on today’s intended 12-14 mile run.  Strong winds were forecasted from late morning on, so headed out around 9:30.  Was sunny and winds from the south were already picking up and carrying me north towards the park, temps near 30, it was a relaxed pace, feeling light on my feet.  

At the park was a small race around my usual loop, saw several running friends afterwards as they were cooling down.  Was glad to be a spectator today with the wind and all.  No matter the size or competition, love seeing road races, there’s such great energy to them, today was no exception.  

Was tough coming back from the park into 25+mph windgusts, but felt good enough to pick it up to sub 7 minute mile pace for a couple of miles.  By the end of the 14 mile run, very sweaty under all the layers, the legs were feeling it.  Sat down on the steps of my front door to take it all in.  All that sweet pain.


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