smile when you’re hurting


goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


The photo’s from the final ¼ mile of Saturday’s race, taken by a friend, Diane, who is western NY’s unofficial running photographer – what a resource for our running community.  I was grimacing rather than smiling, I thought, as this was a painful climb up a steep hill, but came out as a smile.  Friends have told me in the past that I seem to smile during a race, I guess I just can’t hide my joy in running.

Was joy in an 18 mile run today, a nice and relaxed paced tour around Buffalo, by the waterfront, the Sabres’ arena, downtown, around the park and back.  Probably smiling throughout.


2 thoughts on “smile when you’re hurting

  1. runningintshirt Post author

    Thank you, it IS madness but can’t resist. BTW, my comment on your ‘When is a square…’ didn’t post – thank you for introducing Malevich. Mondrian, of course, is familiar but Malevich not so much.


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