some miles before tomorrow’s race/tempo

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Felt better after a good night sleep, good enough for a 2 a day.  With some time after lunch, got in a 10 miler in the park.  The run was very sluggish, probably because it was right after lunch; or sometimes the runs actually feel worse after a restful sleep.  Bad runs are also usually followed up by a good run, so was hopeful for the 2nd run.  Turned out to be true, the 2nd 10 mile run, around dinner time, felt much better.  20 miles for the day, the very mild day – in the 40’s – was great.    

Glad to get the mileage in today, didn’t want a rest day before tomorrow morning’s 10 mile race in Lockport, this is marathon training after all. Will try to add miles before and after the race, then try to average around 6 minute mile pace, give or take, for the 10 miles.  Maybe push it at the end if in contention for something.


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