fartlek sandwich

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Yesterday ended up being a rest day for various factors.  The snowstorm dumped nearly a foot in the city, sidewalks impassible and was going to be dicey competing with traffic on the roads; and physically didn’t feel better than during Monday’s run, feeling run down, and the fatigue seemed to intensify the various current feet ailments: blisters, calluses, split toenails, black toe…was a good day to stay off my feet…

Today was better, both the weather and body (feet included), the 30 degree temps cleared away much of the snow, allowing for normal strides on the roads and my favorite spots in the park.  The refreshed mind and body got me going on an unplanned 7 mile tempo run varying between 6 – 6:30 minute mile pace – really a fartlek since it was unplanned – sandwiched by a couple of soft ‘rolls’ of 5 miles to and from the park, 17 miles for the day.  

The run felt great.  I think I’m letting out all the pent up miles from the past couple of years of training for shorter races and track workouts that had limited the long runs.


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