very cold

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Errands to run all day – missed the Olympic Marathon trials, will have to catch it online – headed out for a run late afternoon.  By then it had ‘warmed up’ to 3 degrees F from minus something in the morning.  Once outside, the multiple layers of gear helped to stay warm, only the swirling wind gusts in the minus teens windchill hurt the exposed parts of the face a bit.  

Managed to get in 12 miles in the park that becomes a wind tunnel on days like this, and it was brutal in parts of the loop I ran.  The worst part were the couple of bathroom stops I had to make during the run from the coffee before the run – definitely not a day for bathroom stops.

Quads are sore, it was quite a workout.  Sore from yesterday’s double, made worse by the fact the roads/paths weren’t plowed as well as they usually are in Buffalo – come on Buffalo, you’re supposed to be used to this.


2 thoughts on “very cold

  1. Rebecca Royy

    Nice job on 12 in the cold. Hope you get to watch the trials today. It was am exciting race, especially the women’s finish!


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