an epic day

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


A 12 miler this evening completed a great double after this morning’s 14 in the storm.  The route to the park was made difficult by today’s snow, so did a 6 mile loop twice.  

Things calmed down this evening, the snow stopped and the winds died down.  It was cold but without the windchill, so it actually got warm under all the layers during the run.  The snow on the ground made the footing difficult and made the 12 miles seem longer.  Fortunately the snowy surfaces also provided a soft landing that eased the pounding on the joints.

Though I’d eaten well this afternoon, nearly bonked in the last few miles.  Famished now, eating nearly everything in the kitchen…but feeling good, strong.

(And just heard that tomorrow’s race that I couldn’t make has been postponed to next weekend due to the weather.  First time in recent memory that this race’s been postponed.  Great news, the weather looks good that weekend, planning on running.)


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