run 1 in armaggedon

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


Yesterday was a no go, was dragging all day, took a nap before the intended run, and slept through the alarm.  But the nap/rest was a good thing, very tired, decided to move that run to this morning and do a double workout today.  Last night’s good sleep helped a lot, feeling much better and so will try to go ahead with a double today.

Normally, it’s a 40 minute drive up to tomorrow’s race in Lockport, NY, but with an expected snow storm the next two days, it’ll be a rough trip up there.  So regretfully skipping it this year, will just have to experience the joy of running in sub-zero in my own backyard.

Got in a 14 miler late morning, through a storm that had everything: cold, snow, wind, windgusts…The top photo was before the run; the bottom pic from last year’s race that encapsulates today’s run.  

Off from work today, the temps are supposed to go down, will get some rest and try for run no. 2 later…


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