motivation time

goal race: Buffalo Marathon 5/29


One of those successful runs because of the conditions and because you weren’t motivated at the start.  Got up the mojo, layered up, and hit the park for a tough 12 miler this evening.  Might not be the most significant run, but proud of this one.

Tired most of the day – probably not recovered from the last couple of days – and the leading edge of an impending extreme cold front hit the the area with temps in the 20’s and windchill in the teens.  After a relatively mild winter so far, the change was noticeable.

Now there’s snow in the forecast  – possibly up to half a foot – for the weekend and race day.  The cold temps were already a bummer, and the snow is bringing down my motivation meter for Saturday’s race to less than 50/50.  Drove through a snowstorm to get to last year’s race and wasn’t fun.  Want to use this year’s race as a tempo run, but it’ll be difficult with the weather requiring extra clothing.  Will be stalking the weather reports the next couple days before deciding.

Also I started to note my goal race at the top of the page, as a few readers have asked.


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