a long run and the weekend ahead


An early afternoon 17 miler around Buffalo’s downtown then to the park and back home.  Partly to recover from last night’s tempo, while keeping up the mileage.  Felt surprisingly good, think the restful night of sleep and a good lunch helped the cause.  Will continue pressing on this week while the weather deteriorates.  

Wanted to run a 10 mile race this Saturday – the Lockport Y-10 – to use as a workout, but as it’s customary for this race, the weather will wreak havoc again this year.  Look at how the upcoming temps happen to dip on that day, as if a joke:

Screenshot 2016-02-09 at 5.07.51 PM

It’s almost a given that there’ll be some wild weather for this race, either a storm, a deep freeze, or both.  This was the middle of last year’s race: lockport2015

Really like this race, its runners, and the organizers, but wavering this year.  Might be too much to deal with on race day.  Still have the rest of the week to decide…


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