a mental run this morning


This is what I missed.  It’s been about 3 ½ years since I last trained for a marathon, and while I was wary of the time commitment and grind that the training would require, this morning’s tough 14 miler – around 7:30/mile pace – reminded me how divine it is.  Not nearly recovered enough from last evening’s 14 miler, began the run fatigued and didn’t feel much better the rest of the way.  It was a medium-long distance, but it was a long run.  Able to muster up some rhythm here and there, and some smooth strides intermittently, but it was a matter of grinding it out for most of it.  The quads, feet, and arms, all ached most of the way.  The wind gusts hitting me for a good portion of the run added to the ‘fun.’

Still, in the middle of all this physical/emotional turmoil, there was a kind of peace of mind that helped keep the body as relaxed as possible.  These last few runs are helping me remember what being ‘mentally tough’ in a marathon feels like, and it’s a great feeling.


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