a little banged up


12 miles this evening to the park and back.  Feeling a little banged up, sore right ankle and a bruise on the left knee.  Didn’t have time to eat properly today, so that added to the tiredness at the start.  So basically one of those ‘grind ‘em out’ runs along with the first nagging ailments of the year.  Back home now, starving, ordered some pizza, might be able to eat the whole pie.


4 thoughts on “a little banged up

  1. Patricia Gibbons

    Are you sure you are not doing too much mileage? You must respect your body – it needs to be treated well – a bit like a good relationship! Rest, and stretch instead for a day or too, or that sore ankle will come back to bite. And try healthy fruit and veg and lots of juice and water! And some chocolate too! 🙂

  2. runningintshirt Post author

    Ha ha, love it! No arguments from me on the food and nutrition, especially the chocolate! On the mileage, it’s going to be ‘pushing the envelope’ a bit until tapering for the May marathon. It’ll be a constant listening to the body while doing high mileage until then, with some expected minor ailments – and ‘respecting the body’ to keep those ailments minor. It’s like this during every one of my marathon training, but you’re welcome to keep reminding me also that the body ‘needs to be treated well.’ Thanks! 🙂


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