life of a marathoner chasing a pr


Not a great day to run late, temps in single digits w/ sub zero windchill, but that’s what happened, busy day, didn’t get a chance to run until past 8 tonight, in the cold dark, but that’s the routine of a marathoner chasing a PR, right?  Dressed for the battle with 4 layers of breathable shirts, with a half-zip liner, covered with a jacket, double layers of running tights, 2 layers of gloves, a hat and a bandana to cover the face.  

Maybe the worst part of the whole thing were the evening news people ‘warning’ everyone about the cold.  With all the dire siren sounding about the elements, it felt almost forbidden to head out, seemed every driver that passed by on the roads did a double take.  

Once I got out there and started the usual route to the park, felt great and adequately warm.  I was now out there and decided to do a full run, and finished up with 14 miles.  Warm with very little sweat, must’ve had the perfect amount of layers on.

The snow covered loops in the park felt like my very own backyard, no one else around to disturb this great run.  The run back home was fabulous, a half moon and stars above brightly lighting up the partly cloudy blue sky.   


6 thoughts on “life of a marathoner chasing a pr

  1. Rebecca Royy

    Oh lord you’re brave to go out in that kind of cold. I hesitated to go out this past weekend b/c 39 felt too cold!! (I actually did make outside, and I was fine)


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