ice land


Yesterday’s icy conditions turned to icy cold today with temps in the low teens and the windchill in the single digits.  Bundled up good with multiple layers for a 12 miler at dusk where the approaching darkness made it seem even colder.  But as usual, all it took was about 15 minutes for the body to get acclimated and began to sweat by the middle of the run.

When I got to the park to go a couple of times around a 2 mile loop, all the runners I saw there seemed to be picking it up to stay warm.  Even with the fatigue at the beginning of the run, the 12 miler felt pretty comfortable on the layer of snow providing some good cushioning most of the way.  The only thing sore after the run were the lips – will have to remember lip balm next time.


2 thoughts on “ice land

  1. Rebecca Royy

    You are a rock star. It was in the 30s here this morning…. I decided it was too cold to run outside. Did arc trainer inside instead. You probably think 30s are tropical!


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