a christmas fartlek


Two days removed from Christmas, and it hit a record 61 degrees today here in Buffalo.  I love it.  Some of my friends and neighbors are disappointed about not having a white Christmas.  I’m not complaining.  I think our temps are on par with Las Vegas’s right now.  And I’m perfectly willing to let California have more snow than us this year.

Another subtropical day called for another fun long run and so got in a late afternoon 14 miler around town.  The overcast day didn’t dampen my enjoyment during the 14 mile fartlek run.  Picked up the pace for a while, then slowed down, only to pick it up again for another few hundred yards, over and over again.  Without a watch on, not sure what paces I went through.  Brought me back to high school and summers between college seasons, where fartlek was a big part of my running diet.  Great memories, a nice Christmas gift from Mother Nature.


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