felt so good


Maybe I have been in a bit of a running rut this year, as the past couple of days of just carefree double digit mileage have been blissful.  Heading out for whatever miles at whatever pace has felt liberating.  Don’t get me wrong, the past two years of getting back to middle distance racing – i.e. 5k’s – have been fun and rewarding, but this year, just wasn’t feeling it completely.  The constant stop and go’s, the mental preparations for distances unfriendly to masters runners, eventually became a grind I think.  Still, I believe they’ll be bear fruit in the distances in my wheelhouse.

So these wonderful runs of the past two days (12 miles today in the park, cold, the temp dropped 20 degrees since yesterday) signal that I’m looking at longer races this winter/spring, really close to deciding to move back up to the marathon.  Would be a nice change of pace, new ventures…For now, will continue to enjoy these runs.


2 thoughts on “felt so good

  1. wanderwolf

    I’m not in the same league, but I’ve definitely found that a phase of running just for the sake of running after a long, hard season, always brought me back closer in my relationship with the activity. It really is blissful to feel good, run well, and not have to worry about what this means for a shorter race.


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