number pick up


Picked up my T Trot number around noon, glad I went early, the traffic was already picking up near the ‘Y’, where the expo was.  Nice shirt this year for the 120th.  They gave me a low number, not sure what to think about it.  My son will be running as well.  Go Team Park!

Check in with you tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “number pick up

  1. Rebecca Royy

    Hope your boy did well? Did you see the controversy here about a boy who got disqualified from the Georgia state xc finals for wearing a headband with a bible reference on it? We happened to see that race. Anyway. He was a spectator at our half today. So yeah, celebrity citing

  2. runningintshirt Post author

    Didn’t see that story, but I’ve noticed high school races can have strict/odd rules. My son ran very well, shaved 3 minutes off last year’s time. Most importantly he/we had fun, and the race has become our Thanksgiving tradition!


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