a 10k fun adventure


Ran a nice 10k race this morning that coincided with the upcoming Veterans Day, The Veterans 5k/10k, taking place around Buffalo’s naval yard.  A very nice turnout, a nice tribute to our veterans, nice post race party, and some good weather too.  One of the honored guests in the event was Timothy Payne, a local veteran who was badly injured, losing both his legs from an IED, while deployed as an infantryman in Afghanistan, now an author and speaker.  It was an honor to meet him and to receive his memoir as one of the race awards.

The race itself went well, the 10k course being 2 x the 5k course, the first time around was a lot more enjoyable than the 2nd.  Placed first overall in 35:20, the 5k split in 17:15.

The race was eventful for other reasons.  Not sure why we had so many police motorcycles escorting us – about 6 or 7 – maybe they pulled out all the stops for this Veterans Day race.   But two of the vehicles ran into each other in front of us and one of them got damaged falling over.  No one got hurt, it was crazy, it seemed like they got distracted talking.

Then on the 2nd loop, there were another couple of motorcycles leading me through, they were busy chitchatting, and I wasn’t sure if they were paying attention to where they were going.  I ended up taking a wrong turn for a few seconds until one of the officers noticed and pulled me back onto the course.

This was all a fun amusing 10k adventure, while getting in a good workout.  Looking forward to more fun at next weekend’s 5k.


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