intervals and obstacles


Buffalo temps hit the 70s today, and it was summer running again.  Got in some intervals on a bike path around a pond in the park.  The warm up was pretty much running around town looking for a space to do the intervals – the local college track was occupied by the football team using the field inside the track; the dirt track around a local soccer field, now a de facto dog park, was occupied by dogs running around free, good for them but not for runners doing a workout; and a normally quiet side street I often use for sprints had traffic.  So after about 4 miles of searching for a spot, settled on the bike path.

Ran 4 x (approx) ½ mile in 2:40s, with a 1 minute rest in between.  The paved path around the pond is somewhat hilly and provided occasional walkers and bicyclists to weave through, a workout in its own right.  With a 2 mile cool down back home, 8 miles for the day.  

What we runners have to go through to get in a workout…


2 thoughts on “intervals and obstacles

  1. Rebecca Royy

    I’ve got a parking lot I’ll run around for speedwork! It’s .2 miles exactly. It’s well lit (b/c I run in the dark)…and not much traffic when I’m running around it. So yes you’re right we do some things that on runners would probably ably view as crazy!


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