breaking through niagara falls


Very good results this morning at the Niagara Falls International (Half) Marathon in NF, Canada.  1:16:42 (unofficial), 8th overall and 2nd master.  Not my fastest time of the year, but definitely my best half marathon performance of the last two years.  The weather forecast had the wind direction changing all week long, and in this Canadian city of casinos, the weather slot machine settled on a southeastward wind direction, meaning directly into our face the entire way.  It was a brisk headwind of 15-25 mph along Lake Erie and kept the times slower by 1 – 2 minutes – based on the times of the top 10.

The first pack was a group of 5 Kenyans, and I was in the 2nd pack with another Kenyan and a Canadian elite master runner.  Each time one of us made a surge, that person had to back off.  We ended up trading leads and helping each other by default.  We separated with 5k to go, with the Canadian surging ahead to 6th in 1:15:51, the Kenyan 7th in 1:16:25, and yours truly 8th in 1:16:42.  Wish the conditions were better, but very happy with the performance!


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