preparation is all

12 miles in the dark tonight after a busy day.  Felt great, really enjoy running at night.  It’s getting a little balmy, into the 60′s tomorrow.  Planning on some mile repeats on the track tomorrow for the last hard workout of the week before Sunday’s half.

Before the workout, tomorrow, will be cheering on my son and his high school team at their xc race vs their cross town rivals.  Nervous and excited for them.  Including my son, there are 4 seniors on his team that have run all 4 years on the varsity team, and have been part of a 10+ year losing streak to the other school.  Like the past couple of years, it’s going to be another close race.

As a parent you feel the need to do that which is difficult or painful in your child’s stead.  In this, like many other situations, you can’t do that, of course. All I can do is hope that everything I’ve done to help him prepare for this or any other difficulties will come through.

4 thoughts on “preparation is all

  1. wanderwolf

    Another instance in which running=life. Your attitude towards your son’s success today is positive, yet realistic. There’s only so much you can do for him, but (*should*) the outcome today not be that which your son (and you) hope for, you’ll be there for him.


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