Some progress today, after another rest day. Less soreness and able to stretch out the calf better. No problems walking around. Some self administered massage to the area. Will see about tomorrow. Still shooting for the Lucytown Half in two weeks, they were nice enough to pay for registration and hotel.


6 thoughts on “progress

  1. wanderwolf

    that’s cool. The good news is, it’s getting better! Even if it means you have to take rest days and it’s taking a while. My bet is that tomorrow it will already feel much better. You’re right to take it day by day, though.

  2. WalkToRio

    I’m in the same situation (sort of). I have a 30km race in Germany next week and Saturday went to a fun 10km race, was just having a nice time and on km 7 something on my hamstring made me stop.
    Haven’t done anything since then, went to the physio and the doctor, it doesn’t feel like I’ve torn anything, but have to get an MRI to make sure I’m fine and it’s just a contracture, gotat wait till Friday for the results.


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