bee sting, check


An 8 mile recovery run today in the park on a warm sunny day.  Definitely a recovery day, as the legs and the rest of the body felt Sunday’s half marathon and yesterday’s intervals.  It’s easy days for the rest of the week until Sunday’s 5k.

The other thing I’m near fully recovered from is a bee sting from the day before the race.  The freak incident happened while handling fruit at work, I felt an intense pain on the top of my hand, and couldn’t believe there was a bee there.  I swatted it away but I had been stung.  Luckily I was wearing plastic gloves, and I think that prevented the stinger from getting stuck in the skin and the hand from swelling up.  But it was sore for the next couple of days.

Was concerned about it the night before but didn’t mention it in posts, didn’t want to dwell on it pre-race; luckily it didn’t affect my race significantly.

Of all things, a bee sting to deal with the day before a half marathon.  Will have to put that on the next race checklist.


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