piecing it together


An easy 6 mile taper run this afternoon through the neighborhood on a warm humid day – but a manageable fall humidity.  Didn’t feel terrific, but it was a decent ‘2 days from race day’ run.  Feeling relatively good heading into Sunday’s Rochester Half Marathon, things looking like they’re falling into place.  The weather will cooperate at race time – in the 50’s and a sun/cloud mix.

This is be the first of three half marathons scheduled for this fall, after a good summer of training.  Kinda feels like the start of XC season in college.  

In last year’s race, finished 4th overall in 1:16:54.  It was warmer last year.  Doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll improve this year, but it’s a good baseline to go from.  As I approach any race, it’s not a specific time I’m looking for; I’d like to be ‘in contention’, ‘in the mix,’ run in a way to be inspired the entire way.  

In Rochester tomorrow, talk to you then, have a great Friday nite!  


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