A 14 mile recovery run for yesterday’s track workout was less ‘recovery’ and more ‘distance,’ and that was the intent.  With a half marathon in a week and half, a long distance run was in order.  The pace was normal, but the effects of yesterday’s workout and the weather of the past week made it a solid workout.

What did help was today’s weather – it was about 5 degrees cooler and a bit less humid than it has been; that little change made all the difference in making today’s 14 miler a good solid run instead of the walking dead.


3 thoughts on “solid

  1. RunMomMe

    Anyone who calls a 14 mile run a recovery run is a little crazy! Gotta love a good run though, no matter how long it is. Good luck with your next race!

  2. wanderwolf

    A bit of a temperature change names all the difference, though humid or not, I can’t ever imagine you as slow as the walking dead. Great tempo yesterday, nice 14 miler today


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