summer ‘boot camp’


8 miles in the park early morning to beat the heat, then 5 more with my son in the afternoon for his recovery run from Friday’s x-country race, where he ran very well especially considering the heat and humidity.

The relentless h & h continued today, with sunny humid temps in the upper 80’s.  I realized one of the reasons I didn’t have any life in the legs during Friday’s race and the next day recovery run was that I’ve had about a race per week for the past month and a half and most of them in this summer heat.  

I’m basically looking at this past summer as my running ‘boot camp’, taking my licks and wounds throughout, and look to be strong this fall where the weather will be more conducive to racing.

With that said, I might jump in another 5k this Saturday, when the weather’s supposed to calm down a little.


One thought on “summer ‘boot camp’

  1. wanderwolf

    😉 boot camp sure looks good when you do it! Should you decide to run or not next weekend, hope the weather is better for it. I love the first races in fall when the air starts to smell of the cooler weather to come.


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