stick a fork in me


12 mile recovery run today, late, after staying out a little too late after last night’s race.  The legs had nothing left.  About last night…

Last night’s Western NY Hall of Fame/Champions 5k went about as well for me as the last few 5k’s this summer – that is, not very well.  Thought I had rested enough and reserved some energy during this humid week, but the legs were ‘dead’ at race time – where it was humid still – and did not come alive during the race.  Even after starting relatively conservatively at 5:20/mile pace and passing several people in the first 2 miles, the legs didn’t have anything left for me to stay with the leaders.  The legs turned to mush in the final 1/2 mile in a nightmare scenario and fizzled to 6th place overall/2nd masters in 17:22, nearly a minute slower than last year.  Stick a fork in me, I’m done with summer racing this year!

Still the post race parties here in Buffalo are too fun to mull too long over a bad race, and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony for our late friend Tom Donnelly was terrific.

Though I’m glad the summer racing season is coming to an end and cooler temps ahead, don’t mind summer continuing on.  Wouldn’t trade this wonderful summer I’ve had for better race results.


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