a 10k this morning, more or less


Ran a really good 10k in 34:33 this morning… or so I thought, but many finishers guessed that the course was a little short – maybe by about .1 mile or 30 seconds – and I think they’re right.  There’s a turn that we’d normally take in the past that we didn’t this year – thought they’d changed the course.  A kind of a bummer as a lot us felt great about our finishing times.  This race seems to have some kind of a glitch with its race management every year, they’re trying to figure out where this year’s discrepancy is.  

Oh well, still felt good in the race and finished 4th overall/first masters, getting outkicked in the final 100 meters by a youngster.

Was still in vacation mode, my mind still back in Boston.  Another week to acclimate and a western NY 5k championship on Friday.


4 thoughts on “a 10k this morning, more or less

  1. wanderwolf

    It’s a bummer when a good race may be too short… But honestly, it’s still a good race!
    Hope you have a good week back in the game and in preparation for your 5k.

  2. RunMomMe

    Great time for a 10k. I do mine in about double that time! Bummber about it being short. At least it was only a 10k that was short. I got to the end of my first Half Marathon and found it was only 12.9 miles instead of 13.1! How crazy is that! I still consider it a half marathon but part of me feels the need to do it again and race the correct distance so that my subconscious mind knows I really did run the full distance.

    Good luck in your next races!


    1. runningintshirt Post author

      Thank you! There were so many people in the race who thought they got a PR – a bad surprise. In a race like today’s or your 12.9/13.1, I say we just turn the other way and keep our ‘official’ times;) we worked hard for it after all!


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