so fun getting pounded


In oppressive heat and humidity, last night’s Moonlight 5k race was a miserable experience, luckily the fabulous post-race party more than made up for it.  My achilles heal is heat and humidity, and last night’s run threw both in my face; was able block them out through 2 and 1/2 miles and be among the leaders, but the hammer dropped on me in the final 1/2 mile, finishing in 17:07 (about 30-40 seconds off the usual time), 4th overall, and 2nd master to a pretty good 46 yr old runner who came down from Ontario.

Somewhat disappointed by my time, but my priority for the night was to have fun w friends at the race/party and use the race as a workout – the weather conditions threw out any idea of taking it seriously.  Like I said before, summer is for having fun, taking some pounding in the heat, and getting stronger in the process.  Having fun getting pounded!

It poured overnite and cleared out much of the humidity – could have used this weather last night – and today’s 12 mile recovery run in the park was nearly effortless.  What a difference a day makes.  


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