summer is for having fun


10 recovery miles in the sun/heat but much milder and tolerable than yesterday’s 5k (7 miles for the day including race) in brutal heat and humidity.  Mentally was almost out of it even before the race due to the conditions, would have been in heat trouble if not for cooling off a bit by splashing water before the start.  Have learned you can’t peak for summer races, instead summer is for having fun more than for going for PRs.  And yesterday’s race is one of my faves for its post-race party – even for Buffalo standards, where people won’t go to races that doesn’t provide a good party and beer – this race had locally brewed craft beer flowing all eve so that we have a great time whether we had a great race time or not.

And meeting Stuart Galloway at the race was great.  He’s an elite Canadian masters runner and respected coach in the Toronto area – our proximity to Toronto and Ontario often brings top Canadian runners down to local races – was great to shoot the breeze with him, and I couldn’t believe he sought me out after the race and told me he’d been meaning to meet me, was such an honor.

Now for the next two weeks, like the past couple of years during this period, I’ll be a miler.  With my club’s track mile race next Wed and a road mile race the following week, it’ll be nice to mix it up a little.


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