last night’s subaru 4 mile chase

About last night…The Subaru 4 Mile Chase…it was…hot and humid.  We’d been lucky with the weather the last few years, but the customary mugginess returned to the race last evening.  Hung in for most of the race where I didn’t feel my best and managed to salvage a 22:17, a top 10 masters finish (6th master) in a deep field, 2nd in the 45-49 group (losing out by 1 second as it turned out), 45th overall in an international field…the winning time was 18:01 by an Eritrean runner.

I say ‘it turned out’ I lost out in the age group win by a second because I was going back and forth with a runner, seemingly African, through the last 2 miles, with him pulling away in the last couple of hundred meters.  I had a feeling throughout this battle that he might be a masters runner, that he might be in my age group, and that this might be for the age group win and some cash awards.  Unfortunately the legs just didn’t have that extra gear on this humid day and simply trotted in in survival mode.  I was just happy to finish and be alive.

The silver lining, I was honored to be in contention with this runner as he’s a well known masters runner out of the NY City area.

This run was a tough one, and while not my best performance, it should only help for fall racing when the weather will be more friendly.

With warm up and cool down, 12 miles for the day including the race/12 mile recovery run today, even hotter with the sun.

image (4)

(I like this photo, I look faster than I felt)


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