happy mid year!


Celebrated the end of June, the year’s midpoint, with a strong track workout this evening.  A ‘ladder’ or ‘pyramid’ workout, depending on where you come from, it’s a set of intervals of varying distances, speed, and rest.

Tonight’s results: 200m(35 sec), 400m(76 sec), 600m(1:57), 800m(2:42), 1000m(2:57), 800M(2:42), 600m(1:58), 400m(76 sec), 200m(36 sec); 1/2 lap jog rest after the 200m, 400m, 600m, and 1 lap jog rest after the 800m and 1000m.

Whew, the workout felt as involved as it looks on paper.  And it’s not a pleasant one.  Some humidity and breeze added flavor to it. When it was all said and done, felt good afterwards.  A nice way to round out June, and head into July and the second half of the year.


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