tuesday track date


Track workout with the club this evening, 14 x 200 meter sprint w/ 200 meter jog rest – basically 1/2 lap sprint then 1/2 lap jog continuously for 14 laps.

The 200 meters averaged 34 seconds each, this was a very good workout, a nice combination of speed and endurance.  There was some breeze, but the mild dry evening helped out.  2 miles warm up/3 miles cool down, 8 miles for the day.

It’s nice to get together with my club mates once a week, we’re all at different levels of ability.

Have to decide whether to race this weekend.


2 thoughts on “tuesday track date

  1. wanderwolf

    I enjoy running intervals on the track with others. It’s a good way to notice how, no matter how crummy I’m feeling, there’s always a group of others gutting it out with me and I’m usually not doing so bad.


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