surprisingly good race


An overnight shift for work a couple of days ago then catching up on sleep most of yesterday and today, the best part was getting some rest before this evening’s 5k.  Even while driving up to the race, wasn’t feeling it, the body feeling out of sync.  Almost turned around and went back home.  But it was an unusually cool dry evening for this race and it’s considered a flat course, so decided to go through with it.  Got there with little time to spare, so even the warm up was uninspiring.

Uninspired and unprepared, what a way to be at the starting line.

But once the gun went off, somehow I pieced together a race, using every ounce of what I could from the past month’s workouts, survived, and came through in a season best 16:35, more than 20 secs faster than last Saturday.  7th overall in a competitive field (many high schoolers run this coming off of state championships).  Very surprised and happy with the time, especially for this point in the year.

Have to head into work for a little bit, but feeling a lot better than a few hours ago.


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