monday recovery


My body, especially the upper legs, a wreck from 2 races in 2 weeks, having run yesterday’s 4 miler on top of the Half from a week ago without having fully recovered from that Half.  Went on a 10 mile recovery run very gingerly to massage the quads and hamstrings.  Another sunny humid day in the mid 80’s made it a tougher than usual recovery run.  (Yesterday’s total mileage was 13 including a 2 mile warm up and 6 mile cool down along with the 4 mile race.) Another day of very easy running should loosen things up.

Yesterday’s race, though slower than hoped for, was a very good workout in hot weather and should prepare me well for this Saturday’s Lilac 10k in Rochester, one of the bigger races in upstate New York.  The weather’s supposed to be more pleasant then and would rather run well there if I had a choice between there and yesterday.  Then on to the big hometown Half a week after that.


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