sweet 16


This morning’s Grand Island (NY) half marathon went well. A sunny but cool day didn’t give us the customary harsh headwind on the way home on this out and back course.

Finished with a surprisingly strong 1:16:14 (5:49 pace), going through 10 miles around 57 minutes, third overall (made up a minute on the second runner in the second half and finished 22 seconds behind him, ran out of road), 1st master finisher.

Happy with the run, was expecting something in the high 16’s/low 17’s, I’m ahead of where I’ve been previous few years. Especially nice to come back after a not so good race a couple weeks ago.

1 mile warm up, 1 mile cool down, 15.1 miles in all.  Fun recovery run tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “sweet 16

  1. wanderwolf

    Glad to see that you did better than expected (geez! That’s fast!). That’s rare and good news. Hope you have a good rest and set up for your next strong race!


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