off road, off grid for couple days


The past winter and spring months’ training seemed to have culminated in this past weekend’s deep fatigue.  After Sunday’s rest day, Monday didn’t feel any better so ditched running that day as well and slept in.  Tuesday was a little better, so went out for a short relaxed one, off-road for a mindless wandering 7 miler.  Just like in college, when in need of a temporary mental/physical running break, went to familiar trails, ‘back to nature’ as it were.  Seemed to do the trick then as it did Tuesday.

Then attended my son’s track meet and thoroughly enjoyed his mile race, then went to my track club get-together to help stuff race packets for Saturday’s half marathon.

More off-road today on inviting trails – running version’s ‘comfort food’ – and feeling much comfort and recovery, perhaps in time, for Saturday’s half marathon.  ‘Twas a nice Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “off road, off grid for couple days

  1. wanderwolf

    I like your Wednesday. Sounds like the recovery your body pushed you into was just at the right time… not too soon before your race, and also not too late. 🙂


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