maintenance day


Took a rest from running today to put some life back into the legs.  Not feeling any kind of a burnout or anything, just a ‘maintenance’ day to recover a little, the legs feel as if they’re wooden blocks, and with the Half coming up this week, wanted to get a head start on loosening up the legs.  Trying to put all the recovery in just a day or two before a race is risky.  It won’t be a peak race, but still would like to do well.  Will probably try for hard workout tomorrow (Tuesday’s my son’s track meet, so will be busy then).  Until then, it’ll be a mellow Sunday eve, all set for a great week, month, year, decade, and more… We got this!


6 thoughts on “maintenance day

  1. Justin Horneker

    Recovery days are often the least emphasized in a training plan but I think an off/incredibly easy day is needed every once in a while just to recharge if anything

  2. wanderwolf

    Oi! Speaking of recovery, what do you recommend for a fresh marathon runner? I am trying to figure out what to tell my soccer coach. Ready for a game next weekend, or no?

  3. runningintshirt Post author

    I’d generally avoid any type of running or running/jumping type activity for a week or two. The muscles and ligaments are very vulnerable after a grueling event like the marathon. Walking around, on the other had, is good!

    1. wanderwolf

      okay! Thank you. I figured as much, but know it can be tempting once the soreness goes away. i think I’ll tell my coach that I’ll skip out of one game.


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