down in 5k, up for The Marathon


Well, this morning’s 5k not exactly what I was looking for, an upset stomach, a bad night of sleep, and lingering effects of high mileage conspired to produce a subpar performance – 17:04, 5:30/mile pace, 4th overall, 1st master.  The best part was the first mile in 5:10 (mostly downhill and w/ wind), then ouch.

Must’ve eaten something bad yesterday, the stomach was a problem all night and morning, the stomach/legs tight the entire race, even with a long warm up.  ‘Luckily’ I have a history of not running this race well – it’s usually the year’s first 5k and have done little speed work, like this year – but have bounced back in the past, so hopefully that’s the pattern again.  Will chalk this one up as a good speed workout.

No need for 5k speed for folks running The Marathon tomorrow…just a tempo run…pumped up for/with ya’ll…go get it!


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